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EMU Conference 2012: Call for papers!

On 5th July the University of Nottingham is hosting a Postgraduate Research Conference open to all postgraduate researchers from the East Midlands universities. Attending conferences is a key part of postgraduate life. Whether as a delegate or a speaker, conferences are a way to raise your profile and meet others working in your discipline. Often participation in a conference can lead to publication or to offers of collaborative work. Therefore it is a good idea to get experience in a friendly and interdisciplinary environment. The Postgraduate Researcher Conference offers you a chance to practice your presentation skills in a supportive environment.It also provides an opportunity to hone your networking skills and meet other students from across the region. For all the benefits that virtual networks can bring, it is important to remember that face-to-face networking with your peers is also valuable. The day will run in a conference format and cover a wide range of topics. There are…

Blogging for researchers: follow up

Following the recent GSMZ workshop, here are a few posts which might be of help to attendees and other would-be bloggers:

Posting your work in progress on research blogs (Vitae)

Writing for blogs (Andy Coverdale)

On collaborative blogging as a scholarly activity (Ernesto Priego)

'Social Media: Friend or Foe?' (Leicester) provides plenty of advice on copyright issues.

The blogroll (right-hand side) has recently been updated, but I would welcome your own suggestions in the comments below. If any of you have started blogging since the workshop, let me know! It would be good to put together a list of Leicester postgraduate bloggers.