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Inserting special characters in EndNote/RefWorks

When importing references into software like EndNote or RefWorks you might find special characters and diacritical marks are stripped out.

You can edit the reference in the software and re-insert the appropriate character in several ways:
1) Copy and past the character in.

2) If you using a Windows computer with a number pad you can hold down the ALT key and type in a numerical code for the character you want e.g. ALT 130 will insert é.

There is a list of Alt Codes available at

Penn State University has an excellent guide to typing in accents and special characters in Windows or Macs. Including Alt codes, Mac codes and how to use the character map/viewer.

These tips can also be applied in other software and web interfaces, as well as in bibliographic software. ☺ = ALT 1

Getting started with Prezi

If you've been at a conference, lunchtime seminar or APG upgrade recently, you may have noticed some presentations which clearly stand out from the rest of the Powerpoint bunch. An increasing number of Leicester researchers are discovering Prezi, a dynamic piece of presentation software. You can find some examples on the Graduate School Networked Researcher page (and below) but for some really mind-blowing Prezis take a look at the finalists in the Ideas Matter Contest.

We have several sessions next term to help you get started. Beginners Prezi workshops will run on 8th May and 15th May. If you can't wait til then, you'll find plenty of tutorials on the Prezi Learn pages.

For those who are already confident users, why not come along to the Intermediate sessions? You'll find out some new tips and tricks and learn how other Leicester researchers are using Prezi. Intermediate workshops will run on 5th June and 26th June. Please note: you must be willing to share one of yo…

RefWorks & RSS

With the announcement yesterday that Google are planning on closing Google Reader I thought it might be useful to flag up that you can add RSS feeds to your RefWorks account.

This won't be suitable as a complete replacement for Google Reader, but is a really useful place to add RSS feeds from database searches and journal table of contents, for those using RefWorks.

To add a feed login to your RefWorks account and click on Search - RSS Feeds,

Paste the webpage address (URL) of he RSS feed into the box and click Add RSS Feed.

To view the feed click on the name of the feed.

To view the full text of the articles click on the Leicester e-Link button. If the University subscribes to the journal this will take you through to where we have access to the article. You will be asked to login with your University IT username and password if you are off-campus. This makes it much easier to access articles than other RSS readers.

To add a reference from an RSS feed to your RefWorks account jus…

Workshops: Summer term

Workshops hosted by the Graduate School Networked Researcher have now been finalised for next term. Please visit PROSE to view full details about each session and book your place.
Prezi for beginners 
8th May, 13:00-15:00
Using Adobe Connect for webinars, online conferencing and teaching
22nd May, 13:00-14:30
Communicate your research as a cartoon strip
29th May, 13:00-15:00

Intermediate Prezi 5th June, 13:00-15:00

Making your research information come to you
12th June, 13:00-14:30

Visualising data: simple tools for researchers
19th June, 13:00-14:30