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Top Ten Theses from the Leicester Research Archive

Our greatest hits - getting the most out of EndNote

I have been looking over the bog and video stats recently. It's always interesting to see what's popular, and it's no surprise that using EndNote dominates the top ten. Below I have reproduced the two most viewed posts: How to text-mine using EndNote, and how the EndNote plug-in for PowerPoint works. 

For more help using EndNote there is lots more advice on our  web pages

Searching the fulltext of PDFs in EndNote
You can see how we used these techniques as part of a text mining project:Unlocking REF2014: Text mining to show your impact: Watch the recording.
Did you know that you can search across the full text of PDF articles within EndNote desktop?

First get the PDFs into EndNote:

Import references from literature databases.

Use the 'Find Full Text' feature.

Set-up the 'OpenURL Link' Feature.

Choose the references you wish to search and set the search field to PDF: