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Thesis Forum Report Back and Recording

Train yourself...

If you are off-campus or can't make it to our training workshops then have a look at our online training resources:

Literature Search
Plan your literature search
Conduct your literature search

Discover how you can use Scopus, Web of Science & Google Scholar to carry out citation searches and set up citation alerts: Who is citing who? And who is citing you? [Video, 18 minutes]

How can we help with your systematic review? [Video, 21 minutes]
Reading list of systematic review resources

Critical Appraisal - a reading list of critical appraisal resources

Keep up to date
Make research information come to you

Which reference manager is right for you?
Introduction to reference management [Video, 4 minutes]

RefWorks (online bibliographic software)
Get started with RefWorks [PDF]
RefWorks tutorials [Videos]
Advanced RefWorks [PDF]

EndNote (desktop bibliographic software)
Get started with EndNote [PDF]
EndNote tutorials [Videos]
Advanced EndNote [PDF]

Data management support for researcher…

How to Survive Your PhD on YouTube

If you missed the free 'How to survive your PhD' course being run by Doctor Inger Mewburn (thesiswhisperer) and colleagues via ANU, then you can now watch their recorded live chat sessions via YouTube.

The course looked at the emotions, and emotional journey, that accompanies doing a PhD. It included modules and chats on topics like confidence, impostor syndrome, fear, curiosity, loneliness, confusion and love.

For example. How to Survive your PhD - Live chat on Loneliness:

We previously posted a round-up of tips from the first week of #survivephd15 and thoughts from the chat on impostor syndrome.

Plus, tips from Leicester PhD students and supervisors on surviving and getting the most out of the first year of your PhD.

Don't forget that whether you're on-campus or in another country then you can hear about the experiences of other Leicester PhD students and chat to them online during the Thesis Forum.