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PGR and staff training: Autumn sessions and dates announced

The 2018/19 academic year begins in the next few week. With it comes new PGR and staff training run by the Library Research Services team. We run workshops on a range of topics about finding, managing and using information in research. 

Some of our core sessions and dates for the Autumn term have been announced. Further sessions, including those on research data, will be announced later in the term. 'Online sessions' are webinars, intended for those of you who can't make it onto campus. 

Title DatePlanning your literature search16 October 2018Conducting your literature search18 October 2018Planning literature search (online)23 October 2018Conducting literature search (online)25 October 2018Introduction to EndNote 26 October 2018Introduction to RefWorks  30 October 2018Mapping data with Google Fusion Tables31 October 2018Advanced literature searching01 November 2018Planning a systematic review05 November 2018Tools for note taking07 November 2018Finding grey li…

Our Top 25 Most Downloaded Theses

Here at the David Wilson Library, University of Leicester we still have a print collection of theses.

However, we don't expect people to access the print copy in this day and age.

We make the PDF copy of a thesis openly available to download (where possible) via our Leicester Research Archive, alongside other research publications from the University. We have also digitised and made available the majority of our theses back to the 1920s.

In fact theses are the most popular and most downloaded items in the Leicester Research Archive! You would never get this many people looking at, or reading, a printed thesis!

Here's Our Top 25 Most Downloaded Theses (For the period 01/07/2012 to 31/07/2018)

Dept/School Title Author No. Downloads 1 School of Education Social and psychological factors in learning English as a foreign language in Lebanon.
Yazigy, Rula Jamil. 15776 2 Dept. of Media and Communication Mass media and society: The six normative theories and the role of social, political a…

New Collections Available in Digimap

As part of the University of Leicester Library subscriptions we subscribe to Digimap, an online map and data delivery service.

We now have two more collections available via Digimap:

Marine Digimap Marine Digimap offers two types of data.

Firstly, raster nautical charts are derived from UK Hydrographic Office paper charts and chart panels. This chart dataset comes in two versions: Raster Charts and Raster Charts XL, which excludes land-based features so you can add your own.

Secondly, Marine Themes vector data covers all UK waters and is a feature rich dataset derived from authoritative material obtained from the UK Hydrographic Offices, as well as comprehensive source data where available. Marine Themes Vector is engineered into logical data layers for easy loading and efficient use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Data attributes have been designed with analysis and querying in mind.

All data is licensed by OceanWise.

Marine data is extensively used in offshore engineering …

Listen again: Altmetric Explorer

Last week's talk on how to use Altmetric Explorer to track online engagement with research is now available on YouTube:

Altmetrics are web-based metrics that track engagement with research outputs. For example, recording how an article been tweeted, cited in Wikipedia or picked up by news outlets. This session looks at how the Altmetric Explorer database can be used to analysis online engagement with research.

If you have any questions about using Altmetric Explorer, please email us on: