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Search alerts for science and medicine databases

Following on from our 'Making research information come to you' session we're rounding up some guides and videos on how to set-up search alerts from various resources:

Web of ScienceWritten instructions for saving search history and setting up search alerts.

You can also set-up author alerts and citation alerts.

Note: Search alerts can only be set-up using the Web of Science Core Collection. They do not work is you are searching All Databases.

ScopusWritten instructions for creating search, author and citation alerts in Scopus.

PubMedWritten instructions on setting up search alerts in PubMed.

MedlineWritten instructions for creating and saving search alerts in Ovid Medline.

Online tutorial on using AutoAlerts in Ovid Medline.

PsycINFO (via EbscoHost)

IEEE ExploreWritten instructions on saving searches and creating search alerts (PDF).

Thesis Forum - 27th February


The webinar will use Adobe Connect. You will not need any specific software, however, you will need speakers or a headset to hear the webinar, and you can participate in discussion by typed chat.

Adobe Connect works fine on Windows and Macs, and any browser. Use with a Linux computer may be possible but is not recommended due to uncertain results.

For best results, follow these steps:
1) Make sure any required equipment is physically plugged into your computer first, then launch your browser and go to:

2) Select Enter as Guest, type your name, and click Connect. It may take a minute or so for Adobe Connect to load up, and you will be in the meeting room.

3) Under 'Meeting' at the upper left, select Audio Setup Wizard. Go through the wizard, making sure everything works. Please note that Audio Setup Wizard should be done every time you come into a meeting.

It is a good idea to try these steps in advance of the webinar. If …

Research Elevenses round-up (January 2014)

Our second series of research Elevenses took place in January and you can find links to all the recordings below. We plan to run another set of Elevenses in July so would appreciate any feedback on the January sessions or suggestions for topics you would like covered next time. Contact Helen or Selina with your ideas.If you would like to catch up with our first series of Research Elevenses (July 2013) you can find all the links on our round-up post.

7 January -Are you up to date with EndNote?
Making the most of EndNote X7 and its new features. Watch the recording

14 January - Are you up to date with RefWorks?
Making the most of RefWorks and Write 'N' Cite 4.
Watch the recording

21 January - What can Library Research Services do for you?
Find out how we can help you use information tools, manage your research and maximise your impact.
Watch the recording

28 January - Journal Impact Factors: use and misuse
What are they, how do you find them and should you use them?
Watch the re…

Journal Impact Factors -use and misuse

Our final Elevenses session examined Journal Impact Factors. Dr Ian Rowlands discussed what they were, how to find them, and the pros and cons of using them.

If you weren't able to attend you can watch the 30 minute webinar (including questions):
Journal Impact Factors - use and misuse

The citation leaflet mentioned by Dr Rowlands can be found here.

The January Research Elevenses have now finished but we will return in July with a new set of sessions. Do contact us if there are particular topics you would like to hear about or if you have feedback on the January topics. The Library web pages for researchers contain plenty of useful information on key topics for researchers.