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How to publish with IEEE

A few weeks ago Christopher Lewis (UK representative for IEEE) visited the University of Leicester and gave a talk on publishing with the IEEE. Here's a few of his top tips:
Why publish with IEEE? Large publisher with high visibility and credibility that covers all areas of technology.If you are a new researcher then try submitting to an IEEE conference.Find a conference that matches your research area.Ensure you can attend the conference.Journal Article - Find the right journal for you - ensure it's scope, audience and subject matter match your research area. What are IEEE editors and reviewers looking for in a journal article?Clearly written original material that addresses a new and important problemValid methods and rationaleConclusions that make senseIllustrations, tables and graphs that support the textReferences that are current and relevant to the subjectTop reasons for rejecting an article:Article content is not a good fit or high enough quality for the journalSerious…

Research Bytes online

As part of the Research Festival the library are offering Research Bytes sessions.
If you're unable to attend on campus, you can watch the video recordings. The following are currently available to view:
Don’t lose credit for your research How to create a researcher identifier and ensure you get credit for your papers
How can we help with your systematic review? From scoping your search to managing your references: how the Library can help
Keep up to date with new research A quick guide to setting up keyword, author, citation and table of contents alerts
Journal impact factors: use and misuse What are they, how do you find them, and when should you use them?
Demonstrate your impact with the h-index What is the h-index, how do you calculate it, and what does it mean?
Simple ways to maximise your citation count Practical tips to raise the digital visibility of your paper and attract citations
Digital Humanities - What on earth is it? How the library can support a digital approach to humanities res…

Research Elevenses round-up (January 2015)

Our fourth series of Elevenses took place in January and you can find links to all the recordings below. We plan to run another set of Elevenses in July so would appreciate any feedback on previous sessions or suggestions for topics to be covered next time. Contact Helen or Selina with your ideas.

Keeping up to date with new research
A quick guide to setting up keyword, author, citation and table of contents alerts.
Watch the recording

Simple ways to maximise your citation count
Find out which factors drive citations, independent of your article's intrinsic quality
Watch the recording

Publishing Open Access from a researcher point of view
We show you how to navigate the steps of publishing an article in order to make it Open Access.
Watch the recording