Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Creative cuppa next event

I'm looking forward to the next Creative Cuppa seminar on Monday 26 Oct. The last seminar was a great opportunity to listen to an excellent paper, take part in some thought-provoking discussion and eat cake with like-minded people! Details below...

Upcoming Event: Creative Cuppa 12th Coffee Meetup
Theme: Digital Journalism / Media Convergence
Title: New media: New journalism?
Time: 12:00pm - 13:00pm (Monday, 26 October 2009)
Venue: ATT SB2.09 (Attenborough Tower), City Campus, University of Leicester
Guest Speaker: Dr. Kostas Saltzis
Event Coordinator: Mokhtar Elareshi

Event description: by Dr. Kostas Saltzis
"Faced with the challenges of the converging media environment, traditional news organisations expand their activities on the internet and they are slowly redefining themselves as multi-media instead of single media organisations based on media-neutral competitive advantages. At the same time, there is an impetus towards multimedia production and distribution which is achieved through newsroom integration and work reorganisation. This working environment requires more versatility from journalists who have to keep up with multiple demands and continuous pressure. Finally, multimedia production challenges the tradition of media separation in production and culture and sets the conditions for the detachment of news from its medium specific formats."

Creative Cuppa Seminar SeriesDepartment of Media and CommunicationUniversity of Leicesterhttp://www.creativecuppa.com

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