Monday, 8 March 2010

Networking and the blog

New research shows that networking is the most effective way to communicate innovative research, so why not consider the blog as a networking tool? Last Thursday a GSMZ workshop looked at the potential of blogs not only for tracking and publicising research but for keeping in touch with a community of bloggers and readers interested in the same thing, whether it be a specific research topic or the process of researching in itself. Have a look at some of these blogs by students and academics to see how the blog can communicate ideas whether it's used as a solitary pursuit or a team effort.

Postgraduate student blogging communities at Leicester

PhD blogs

Blogs by academics at Leicester

…and elsewhere


  1. What do you do when your discipline doesn't really understand blogging and thinks it's not really of any use?

    As an example, see this anthropology journal article:

    And some bloggers responses:

  2. That's quite common! I think blogs will become more accepted as time goes on, especially as blogs like ancientworldbloggers form communities that grow and gain respect within their disciplines.