Friday, 13 February 2015

Research Bytes at the Research Festival

As part of the Research Festival the library are offering Research Bytes sessions.

Please book using the links provided:

Monday 23 February

2.30-2.55            Don’t lose credit for your research
                           How to create a researcher identifier and ensure you get credit for your papers

3.00-3.25            How can we help with your systematic review?
                           From scoping your search to managing your references: how the Library can help

3.30-3.55            Keep up to date with new research
                           A quick guide to setting up keyword, author, citation and table of contents alerts

Tuesday 24 February

2.30-2.55              Journal impact factors: use and misuse
                             What are they, how do you find them, and when should you use them?

3.00-3.25              Demonstrate your impact with the h-index
                             What is the h-index, how do you calculate it, and what does it mean?

3.30-3.55              Simple ways to maximise your citation count
                             Practical tips to raise the digital visibility of your paper and attract citations

Monday 2 March

2.30-2.55              Digital Humanities - What on earth is it?
                             How the library can support a digital approach to humanities research

  Find out how researchers are sharing, re-using and visualising data in new ways

3.30-3.55              Open access monographs
                             A brief overview of the rapidly changing marketplace for open access monographs

The festival will also include lots of talks from research funders, plus sessions on impact and the basics of applying for funding. See the full range of events on the Research Festival website.

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