Friday, 11 December 2015

PhD & Staff Workshops for Spring

The Library research Services Team will once again be providing lots of workshops and events in the Spring term:

For New PhD Students

Fri 15th Jan, 10am Introduction to Reference Management
Fri 15th Jan  - 10.30am  – Introduction to Research Data Management
Fri 15th Jan – 11.30am  – Introduction to the Library

To book on to the Introduction to... sessions please go to PROSE
Once you have logged in to PROSE, search by key term ‘Introduction’.

For All PhD students

All of the workshops below are now available to book via PROSE.

Planning your literature search
Conducting your literature search
Making research information come to you
Finding grey literature
Who is citing who?
Copyright & your thesis
Beginners Prezi
PubMed vs Medline
Raising your publication profile through open access
Publishing in a peer-review journal
Communicating your research as a comic strip
Enhancing your digital profile
Search strategies for systematic reviews
Web tools for researchers
Advanced EndNote
Advanced RefWorks

You can also Train Yourself using our online training resources.

For Staff & PhD students

These workshops can be booked via the Leicester Learning Institute:

Google tools for researchers
Cleaning messy data with OpenRefine
The basics of research evaluation
Introduction to database design
Visualising your data
Using Microsoft Access
Creating an online exhibition using

Remember, if you cannot attend any of the workshops then you can book a 1to1 appointment in person or via Skype by emailing

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