Friday, 10 June 2016

Research Elevenses in July

Throughout July we are running a series of 30 minute talks on key issues for Leicester researchers. There’s no need to book - just turn up!
If you are off-campus you can join in live via Adobe Connect. Simply click the link and choose ‘Enter as Guest’ on the day. A recording of each session will be made available after the event.

6th July

Discovering the University’s unique archives

11am, Fielding Johnson, Ogden Lewis Seminar Room 3
This session will explain what archives are and give an overview of the archives held by the University of Leicester library.  Participants will also be introduced to the online archive catalogue and effective ways to locate archival sources to support teaching and research.

13th July

Publishing your own Open Access journal

11am, David Wilson Library Seminar Room, Floor 1
The Library has developed an online publishing platform (Open Journals System) that enables researchers at Leicester to set up and run their own open access journals.  This session offers an overview of the platform and what you need to consider before launching your own title.

20th July

Finding datasets for research

11am, Fielding Johnson, Ogden Lewis Seminar Room 3
One of the most common enquiries from researchers is “Where can I find data on my topic?”  This session provides advice on how to find datasets for your research. We will cover a range of subject areas, and also look at the specialist resources to which the Library provides access.

27th July

Research Data Management: looking after and managing your research data

11am, Bennett Lower Ground 5
Managing the data you produce during your research activity is becoming increasingly important, for your own personal use, in order to meet funders’ data management requirements, and journals are increasingly requiring submission of data underpinning peer-reviewed publications. Whatever your area of research is, you will be dealing with data in one form or another and this session will explore how to organize and describe your data, data storage and security, and sharing and publishing your data.
Please contact Selina Lock if you have any questions.

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